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RanMarine Technology

RanMarine Technology specializes in the design and development of industrial autonomous surface vessels (ASV’s) for ports, harbours and other marine and water environments.

RanMarine’s current products include the WasteShark™ range, designed and used to clear plastics, bio-waste and other debris from waterways. The data enablement of our products allows customers to closely monitor, in real time, the environment and makeup of their water and create an accurate picture of the waters DNA over time. RanMarine products are designed to be used either manually via an onshore operator, or autonomously with online control and access.

Drone Range

Each Shark model is purpose built, from collecting data to different types of waste.

  • Plastic Waste collection


    Plastic Waste Collection

    Marine waste plastics, incidental floating debris and flood debris.

    • Up to 500kg waste removal per day (per unit)
    • Retractable basket for easy disposal of collected waste
    • Onboard POV operator camera
    • Live data-capable - real time water health quality data/depth


    Manual operation
    • Remote handheld control
    • Screen to view POV cam
    Autonomous operation
    • Waypoint planning mission
    • Collision avoidance (LIDAR)
    • Manual capability

  • Biomass collection


    BioMass Collection

    Floating Biomass, surface algae, rootless plant removal.

    • Ideal for pond and canal biomass removal
    • Easy launch system for shore access and deployment
    • Additional water quality data sensors available (Temp, pH, Conductivity, DO.ORP, depth, Turbidity)
    • Removable basket cartridge for quick emptying and redeployment


    Manual operation
    • Remote handheld control
    • Screen to view POV cam
    Autonomous operation
    • Waypoint planning mission
    • Collision avoidance (LIDAR)
    • Manual capability
  • Data collection


    Data Collection

    Autonomous real-time data harvesting - water health quality and depth measurement.

    • Real Time water quality data access
    • GPS Data tagging for accurate measurement
    • Online live-data portal access
    • Inbuilt data sensors (Temp, pH, Conductivity, DO.ORP, depth, Turbidity)


    Autonomous operation
    • 10 hours operation and 5km plus a range
    • Configurable data sensors & real-time data display
    • Waypoint planning mission
    • Manual override capability
  • Accessories


    The WasteShark comes with a number of accessories and tooling that can be added to the units to increase productivity, ease of use and efficiency.

    • PowerFin

      The WasteShark can be upgraded to faster and more powerful thrusters. Typically this is for customers who intend to work in faster-moving waters or bio-mass heavy environments where weeds and plant roots may hinder the vessels progression through the water.

    • SharkSlider

      This mobile device allows for the WasteShark to be launched and docked in nearly every near-water situation. With up to 5 meters of track and easy modular assembly, the Slider can be set up to launch your WasteShark in a matter of minutes and then packed away again after use. Designed to fit in the back of a truck or van this powerful battery-operated system is perfect for mobile deployment and rugged environments.

    • Sensors

      Both the WasteShark and the DataShark are able to be configured with a variety of sensors dependent on customer requirements. All collected data is sent via 4G communication to the secure proprietary RanMarine customer portal. Customer data can be accessed in realtime via the portal and saved/stored for historical analysis.

      Standard configuration

      Eureka Manta 20 Temp pH conductivity DO (optical) with optional depth or ORP *depth can be added as a separate sensor attachment

      Eureka Manta 30 Temp pH conductivity DO (optical) ORP Turbidity (or any medium sensor) *depth can be added as a separate sensor attachment

      Eureka Trimeter Temp pH

    • OilSock

      All of our WasteShark models can be fitted with removable absorbent Oil Socks. This hydrophobic sock absorbs hydrocarbons and repels water, aiding in the removal of incidental surface hydrocarbons and can be easily replaced by the operator when full.

The WasteShark

Designed for round-the-clock waste and data collection.

Swim Time

10 hours


5 km

Operating life

15 years

Debris cleared in a day


Experience and quality

Modelled on Planet Earth’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark, our drones are designed to be efficient, long-lived, non-threatening and unobtrusive.

With zero greenhouse emissions – our drones act as an intelligent tool to cleaning our waters.


Tech specs

  • Autonomous waypoint mission path (4G communication)
  • Radio-controlled guidance:3km (1,8 miles) range
  • Onboard Lidar enabled anti-collision software
  • Dimensions: L: 161cm H:46cm Width 114cm (5,2 x 1,5 x 3.7 ft)
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Propulsion: 2 x electric thrusters (5.25 / 4.1 kg f / 11.6 / 9.0 lb f per thruster)
  • Protection: All thrusters are mounted with RanMarine proprietary thruster guard technology
  • Autonomy: 10 h (in autonomous mode)
  • Max speed: 3 km/h


The WasteShark in action.

Protecting our waters

Our plastic problem.

The world’s population is growing and lifestyle expectations are rising as well, so the world’s rate of consumption is growing exponentially. More consumption means more waste. Population growth also means that humankind’s natural environment (the land) is becoming increasingly scarce, so we are increasingly looking to the sea for food security (and even as a place to live).

The problem that we’re creating for ourselves is that non-biodegradable waste gets into the food chain, and renders the environment incapable of supporting life. Compounding the issue: waste in international waters is nobody’s direct accountability.

The solution is not to stop or restrict economic activity – to do so is to restrict innovation, which is our best weapon against the wicked problems that we face today. Rather, we should be catching our waste before tide, wind and currents carry it out to the open ocean. RanMarine’s drones are perfectly designed for this purpose – durable, maneuverable learning machines.

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    Customers and Partners

    We serve and partner with cities, municipalities, ports, marinas, waste managers, security firms, property owners, scientists and action groups. They are entrusted to look after ports, harbours, beaches, locks, rivers and dams.

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