RanMarine USA, which makes automated drones for cleaning waterways, and the pollution sensor startup Aclima are among four companies that will present their pilot projects June 18 at an online conference.

BY / JUNE 3, 2020

Aerial of Manhattan

Newlab, a tech-driven entrepreneurship organization in New York City, has announced which four startups will present at an online event later this month, and two of them have innovations for state and local government.

The event is part of an initiative called Circular City Studio, launched in 2018 by Newlab to showcase new technology that could make New York more sustainable by increasing energy efficiency or reducing waste. According to Newlab’s news release on Tuesday, Circular City’s 2020 cohort includes two gov tech companies:

  • Aclima: a platform and network of sensors that collect detailed data on air quality and emissions. According to its website, the San Francisco-based company was launched in 2008, has developed its technology in both private and public partnerships including with the Environmental Protection Agency, holds early patents for wearable air-quality sensors, and has raised more than $24 million in funding since 2016.
  • RanMarine USA: a company based in Atlanta that makes autonomous drones for scooping up litter, biomass, microplastics and other detritus in waterways, as well as collecting water quality data. The company launched in February.

The other two participants in Circular City’s 2020 cohort are Algramo, which makes refillable “smart dispensers” for household cleaning products, and Sapient Industries, which manages “smart” power plugs and power strips for saving energy.


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