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WasteShark, which was developed by company RanMarine Technology, is the world’s first robot designed to collect plastics and biowaste from water environments.

The team behind this unique technology with zero greenhouse emissions includes entrepreneurs, technologists and business developers that aim to capture marine litter from coastal areas.

WasteShark, created in 2016 in Netherlands with EU support, is suitable for ports, harbours, canals, marinas and other coastal waters.

Weighing 45 kg (99 lbs) and measuring just 161 cm by 114 cm (5,2×3,7 ft), it has an autonomy of 10 hours. Inspired by the biggest fish on Planet Earth, the Whale Shark, it enables the removal of 500 kg of floating waste per day.

The plastics and debris collected are easily disposable through a removable basket. WasteShark models include manual operation with remote handheld control and an onboard camera. On the other hand, the autonomous model has mission planning ability and is equipped with LIDAR technology that enables the drone to avoid obstacles.

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