Created in 2016 by the Dutch company RanMarine, the water drone WasteShark will now be used to collect the garbage present at the Dubai Marina. The robot will start operations on the spot from November this year.

The machine has been in testing for a year, through a partnership with Ecocoast. It is controlled remotely and has the ability to collect waste in the water by the “shark mouth” species in front of you.


The Dutch manufacturer claims that the WasteShark supports up to 159.6 kg of waste and has a battery life of up to 16 hours running. It has a laser imaging technology in order to avoid collisions.

In addition, RanMarine co-founder Oliver Cunningham explains that the company’s aquatic drone is able to collect data on water and air quality, detect the depth and contours of the seabed, and separate chemicals from the ocean, such as heavy metals, oil and arsenic.


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