RanMarine Technology chosen as WORLD ALLIANCE member for Efficient Solutions

RanMarine Technology BV is a drone technology company from The Netherlands. We specialise in autonomous drones that swim through water, extracting unwanted material and gathering data about their marine environment. Modelled on Planet Earth’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark, our drones are designed to be efficient, long-lived, non-threatening and unobtrusive.

RanMarine’s Sharks will: eat plastics and other litter; filter chemicals from the water; extract alien and pest vegetation. Equally at home in urban and rural settings, our drones will also gather data about the marine environments that they roam.

Our drones can communicate with the Internet of Things, to share this information with your Smart City. Agile, autonomous, and with zero greenhouse emissions – our drones act as an intelligent, responsive, self-organising net. Technology at work, serving the sea.

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